Horse and Pony Show

May 5, 2018

In the 1920’s, a few well-organized ladies (over a good cup of tea, no doubt) decided it was about time to host a Horse & Pony Show in My Lady’s Manor. The beauty of the green grass against the pristine blue sky makes the perfect backdrop for the well-groomed riders competing on perfectly appointed horses or ponies. And so, the tradition continues nearly every year since on the first Saturday of May. A beautiful day to share with your children…visit our stunning flower tent or enjoy a meal prepared by our own St. James Academy Culinary Crew, while cheering on SJA student riders!

Join us as a volunteer…assist the show committee and jump crew in getting the rings ready for the big day, including setting and resetting the jumps. This is rather physical work that will be done under the supervision of the chairs during the day, the week prior to the event. A great opportunity for Dads to volunteer!

The St. James Academy Culinary Crew will be serving breakfast and lunch for the riders and guests. Volunteers will be needed to assist with kitchen prep, slicing, dicing, cooking, grilling, serving, set up, and clean up. The Pony Show Booklet has become a photographic essay and moving tribute to graduating 8th graders and a great way to say goodbye to your teachers from the past years! Don’t miss the opportunity to share your memories! Join the team and help design and sell ads for the book! Volunteers are needed to follow-up with clients from previous years. So, if you’re energetic, detail-oriented, organized or just like to work with people…this is a great job for you…no advertising or sales experience needed!