Teacher Appreciation Day

May 8

Webster’s defines “hospitality” as “welcome, warm, kind, generous and friendly.” It’s almost as if Webster himself walked into St. James Academy and me the faculty and staff at the school.  Teacher Appreciation Day is our opportunity to return that same feeling to the staff at St. James…they nurture our children as if they were their own…an irreplaceable quality that is second nature or as parents have been known to say “It’s the St. James Way.”

Our teachers are treated to a catered lunch or dinner and a bouquet of flowers for their classrooms. Each student is asked to bring in one flower during morning carpool, and then the Patrons’ gather the flowers and create beautiful bouquets for each and every teacher. This is just one way our school community shows appreciation to the teachers of SJA, for everything they do for our children on a daily basis.

Each year Macdonald Hall is transformed…an Italian Cafe, a Mediterranean spa, a lovely tea garden, a spring picnic…where, the teachers and staff can relax and enjoy a leisurely meal (complete with adult conversation), served by our parents.

Join us as a volunteer…help with planning, decorating, serving, clean up